Material information



Behind the colloquial term "Styrofoam®" hides a foamed plastic, which is produced by a chemical process from the raw material styrene. Styrofoam® is made up of 98% air and 2% of polystyrene, which is derived from petroleum. The insulating material Styrofoam® is very light, stable, resistant to compression and doesn´t provide a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms.


EPS Styrofoam® und EPS Neopor®

Styrofoam® is the BASF brand name for the famous white, pearl-like insulation material. The abbreviation EPS means "Expandable Polystyrene". The material is assigned to the thermal conductivity group 040. By blending graphite components, which distribute and redirect the incident heat better, BASF has improved the raw material in its insulating performance by 20%. White Styrofoam® becomes grey Neopor® with WLG 032.